The production base of Continvest Ltd. was built on the territory of the former enterprise Yambolen in Yambol.
On the site are produced the following products of the highest European standards: - Sodium hypochlorite / bleach / - Ferric Chloride - Ferric Chloride sulphate - Aluminium sulphate / liquid / - Aluminium sulphate / solid / - polyaluminium oxychloride / PAC /.
In our production laboratories we perform detailed analysis of both manufactured and traded products. The high quality of our products is the result of good work and raw materials used, combined with the professionalism of our staff.
Senior managers in manufacturing have received their education in UCTM Sofia University "Prof. Dr. Zlatarov " Burgas, Sofia Technical University, and others.
Since 2007. Continvest Ltd. pursues an active policy of arranging student internships in production and administration of the company.
Our production facilities meet all European standards on the quality of manufactured products, energy consumption and environmental protection.